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The final episode of Orienteering arc! 





Season 18 Episode 74 (eng subs)


Samo Arinan-san’s first appearance was during the sonodamura arc, and the second movie. The two foot soldiers were also around during the sonodamura arc and the second movie, their similar faces are not the staff being lazy, they do have the same face, and only slightly different hair. 

The work absence without permission that Son-chan was talking about is the absences he’s made from work to go challenge Doi-sensei. In the manga he went to challenge Doi-sensei in the arc itself, but in the anime, that part was animated outside of the arc. The Tasogaredoki (or rather the whole professional ninja work system in nintama itself) functions just like any other office system, they have salary cuts or promotions, work leave permissions, retirements, etc etc. 

There’s going to be a ton of clothing and Portuguese fashion references, I don’t know very much about except what the anime, manga and google tell me so please bear with me a bit. 

Jiban (ジュバン) is the button-up shirts that the foot soldiers and the nintama are wearing. It apparently comes from the word jibão  means undershirt in Portuguese, and well I guess the look that the foot soldiers were showing is the trend of collars of the jiban showing. 

Karsan (カルサン) are hakama fashioned, loose pants that are fluffed up, as worn by the Portuguese. It comes from the word calção which means shorts in Portuguese. 

Kapa (カパ) are mantles or cloaks or basically anything that covers something, the concept goes from blankets to caps. The kapa that son-chan is wearing is a short mantle that is a necessity in formal occasion in Spain. It’s from the Portuguese word, capa which means cover. The word is borrowed to Japanese to become 合羽 (kappa) which means raincoat. 

Coincidentally, kappa is also a Japanese river ghost. The one Fushikizou was imagining. 

bakemono no jutsu (妖者の術) is actually not the ghost technique (it has a different kanji 化け物) but is a technique that fools the enemy by putting on different clothes or appearances. Just as Chouji has explained. 

shinobi tabi (忍び足袋)are ninja socks. They wear these as shoes, and it’s layered with cotton at the bottom to eliminate noise and also have other inventions. 

Jinbei’s hair is from Takamaru’s doings from the Sonodamura arc. Takamaru did not fix his hair since then. 

Thank you bakpaocoklat for the raws and proof reading!

I really like this arc a lot it forever is in a special place in my heart. Everytime I watch it I always cry a little bit at the ending, and just wow these boys are precious. Thank you for following these subs, and I’m sorry if I made any mistakes or anything. It will be a while before I can pick up any arc to sub, but I prolly would be able to sub solo episodes, so if there’s anyone who would like an episode to sub or anything, just ask. I really love nintama and I hope you guys would enjoy them too /wipes tear

Thank you so much for this!

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Anonymous: good evening! :) I just want to say I really like your lines! I followed your brush settings and I love playing with it, it's super fun! so thank you for letting us know! have a nice day~

Hello! Thank you! And no problem! It’s not exactly like manga studio’s milli pen but it’s good enough haha, I’m really glad you liked it!  

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Anonymous: can you post some old art?? I think its cool to see how really polished artists came to be and evolve

Ah yes, sure! I can only show a few though ‘cause i couldn’t find my other old drawings. Please prepare yourself for the horror you’re about to see (also ahh i still have so much to learn):

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I am opening character commissions for the first time, please bear with me. More info (and the same exact post) can be found on my commissions page:

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tamagotchibabysitter: what programs do you draw in, and could you maybe post some of your favorite brushes? thanks!

Hi, sure! I use Photoshop, sometimes Manga Studio (my fave brushes on Manga Studio are milli pen and bit husky)

Aaand my current faves are right here:


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