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(  ͒•·̫| i love t2

pls join me in tofu hell

Anonymous: good evening! :) I just want to say I really like your lines! I followed your brush settings and I love playing with it, it's super fun! so thank you for letting us know! have a nice day~

Hello! Thank you! And no problem! It’s not exactly like manga studio’s milli pen but it’s good enough haha, I’m really glad you liked it!  

| ू•ૅω•́)ᵎᵎᵎ

Anonymous: can you post some old art?? I think its cool to see how really polished artists came to be and evolve

Ah yes, sure! I can only show a few though ‘cause i couldn’t find my other old drawings. Please prepare yourself for the horror you’re about to see (also ahh i still have so much to learn):

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I am opening character commissions for the first time, please bear with me. More info (and the same exact post) can be found on my commissions page:

Please contact me at!

Thanks for looking! 

tamagotchibabysitter: what programs do you draw in, and could you maybe post some of your favorite brushes? thanks!

Hi, sure! I use Photoshop, sometimes Manga Studio (my fave brushes on Manga Studio are milli pen and bit husky)

Aaand my current faves are right here:


please read yowapeda

i love…yowapeda…

yowapedads and more yowapedals