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Anonymous: can you post some old art?? I think its cool to see how really polished artists came to be and evolve

Ah yes, sure! I can only show a few though ‘cause i couldn’t find my other old drawings. Please prepare yourself for the horror you’re about to see (also ahh i still have so much to learn):

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Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of new followers recently and I wanna say hi and thank you for following me! My name is Tera but you can call me Left! I’m 24 years old and I’m living in LA with my best friend/fiancee Marcia. <3  I work outside of the arts industry, but drawing is something I dedicate almost all of my free time to. It’s so incredible to be able to share my art with people, thank you all so much! 

However, with recent life events our finances have been put under considerable strain and I might be coming up on a span of a few weeks during which I won’t be able to draw much. After my hours at my old job were severely cut, I had to find a second full-time job. I was finally able to land one, but literally on my first day of work my fiancee was in a car accident with an 18-wheeler which fled the scene, leaving us to foot the bill.


She hasn’t really been able to talk much about the accident because it was pretty traumatic, so I’ve abstained from mentioning it until now. We’re extremely lucky she didn’t wind up in the hospital, but more than $10,000 of damage was still done to her car. Thanks to the miracle of car insurance, we didn’t have to pay the full amount, but over the course of dealing with the accident we’ve lost about $1,000. 

With my job I know that we’ll at least squeak through rent, but there are other things right now that I can’t afford that I really need to pay (like my health insurance). I work full days, with about 3 hours of commuting PER DAY on top. Between that and the stress of deciding between eating lunch and saving for bills, it’s really hard to draw or work on projects.

If you guys are FEELIN THE LOVE, we’d both be so grateful if you’d consider helping us out! Here are a few ways you (yes you!) can help us not panic and die:

  • Sketchbooks: I’ve got discounted sketchbooks up for sale via Gumroad and Sellfy! Gumroad takes credit cards and Sellfy takes paypal. 
  • Con Prints: As i mentioned the other day, my Storenvy is now open for business again! All of my shipping materials arrived today and any orders placed will be shipped in a timely manner. If you buy something through my storenvy, email me a screencap of your receipt at and I can include a free doodle of whatever you request. For an extra $5 donation via paypal, I can do a more polished sketch and pack it along with your purchase!
  • Commissions: I only have a few commissions on my plate right now (all of which have significant progress completed) so I’m comfortable taking on more. Since we’re in kind of dire need, I’d be happy to do some sketch/ink commissions like this for ~$10 or ink/marker drawings like this for ~$15-$20. Of course, I’m happy to discuss more expensive commissions. Either way, email me at and we can talk things over.
  • Donations: I know some people just would rather donate than choose something like a commission or print or something. I feel bad about not giving anything concrete in return, but I understand that some people prefer that. If you do feel like donating, thank you so much for your generosity, it means the world to me! My paypal is if you’d like to donate.
  • Signal Boosting: I know a lot of people are in tight spots just like we are! I understand and I hope none of you beat yourselves up for not being able to donate/buy/etc. If you’d still like to help, signal boosting would be very kind of you.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and understanding and for sticking with us through this stuff!


I am opening character commissions for the first time, please bear with me. More info (and the same exact post) can be found on my commissions page:

Please contact me at!

Thanks for looking! 

tamagotchibabysitter: what programs do you draw in, and could you maybe post some of your favorite brushes? thanks!

Hi, sure! I use Photoshop, sometimes Manga Studio (my fave brushes on Manga Studio are milli pen and bit husky)

Aaand my current faves are right here:


please read yowapeda

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help me i&#8217;m dead

help me i’m dead